Service Update 2018-1

OpenVPN Support

Today we have released the first set of our .ovpn OpenVPN configuration files. These files will allow you to connect to our VPN servers while using the OpenVPN client application. We have released these with the goal of providing you a greater level of freedom while using the 4TFY service.

At this time, we have released files for servers in the United States, Singapore, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. We expect to add several servers from our French location in the next few days.

You are able to access these files via the 4TFY website by selecting the ‘OpenVPN Files’ tab in your account panel. You are also able to access how-to guides for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux via the 4TFY Tutorials page (

We would love to hear your feedback regarding this new service feature. Any feedback (especially internet speed test data or suggestions for how we could improve our offering) would be well received. We would like to give a big thanks, in advance, to anyone and everyone who contacts us and provides feedback! Thank you!

Scheduled Maintenance

We have scheduled some web server maintenance for the next two weeks. There will be two outages (2 hours and 45 minutes respectively). While our website will be offline during this time, the 4TFY service will remain online and will be unaffected by this work. We will confirm the exact dates and times for this outage as the date draws nearer.

4TFY VPN Launches

We understand that you have been anxiously awaiting the launch of our service and are happy to announce that launch day has finally arrived!

You may now login to your account at

Please use your email address (the address this mail is addressed to) as your username. If you wish to change your username to a new email address, please email us via our support page (please quote your backer number, current email address, and Kickstarter package – for verification purposes).

When you login for the first time, you will be required to use the Forgot Password function. This will email you a new password which you may use to login to our website.

Once logged into the site you will be able to access your control panel. From here you may download our applications. In the coming weeks you will also be given the option of downloading .ovpn configuration files from this panel.

Once you have logged into the 4TFY website, you will also be able to access tutorials demonstrating how to install each of our applications:

If you require any assistance, would like to change your email address, did not receive your welcome email, or would like to provide us with feedback, please send us a message via our support / contact page:

Thanks once again for backing our service.


The 4TFY Team